“Mike’s vision is to make the city of North Liberty an inclusive community that welcomes all. City residents should enjoy a great quality of life, educational opportunities and easy mobility.”


Promote Better Housing and Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods

  • Initiating and Supporting Programs to Prevent Gun Violence
  • Strengthening Police-Community Relations
  • Encouraging Development of Affordable Housing
  • Assuring a Safe Community while Respecting the Rights of Citizens
  • Supporting and Responding to Neighborhood Needs

Promote Fiscal Responsibility

  • Maintaining a Healthy and Balanced City Budget
  • Ensuring Fair City Tax Rates and Fees
  • Maintaining a Financial Model that Balances Short and Long-Term Needs
  • Applying Strategies to Reduce the Cost of City Services
  • Ensuring Delivery of City Services with Efficiency

Promote Quality of Life for all Citizens

  • Strengthening Community Service Partnerships
  • Promoting an Inclusive, Open-Minded, and Progressive Community
  • Expanding the Arts and Entertainment
  • Partnering with Local Schools to Strengthen Educational Opportunities

Promote Honest, Transparent, and Inclusive Government

  • Engaging the Community in City Government
  • Providing Timely and Accurate Information about City Actions, Events, and Decisions
  • Improving Availability and Public’s Access to City Information
  • Recruiting and Retaining an Inclusive City Workforce that Reflects our Diverse Community